03 March 2009

watch it, lady...

apparently we are going to start having
video of the week around here
(hmmm how can i title that using a w?
wonder windows to the web?
world wide wonderfuls?
wowie wow-wows?)
& this one
though not as funny
as the face book one last week
is just cool
& artsie
& sweet
& fun...
all things i personally aspire to be
& someday maybe i will be

thank you to soule mama
for this one...
you know her right?
always so beautifully inspiring...
& even though she makes me feel
like the laziest mom in the world
i still love to see what she's up to...


1 comment:

Emily said...

I only know you via blog... but I think that you are cool, artsy, sweet and fun... and you DO inspire me!