09 January 2009

it's beginning to look alot like two weeks (& ONE DAY) after christmas...

so yeah
it's not two hours after that last post
it's not even 24 hours after it
you know
life happens
sometimes that life comes in the form of
a little girl elf who had a raging morning
which included the words
'i want a new mommy'
'i don't want a new mommy. i just want daddy'
& it also included
(& she did some stuff too. ha:)
she did have numerous time outs...
gosh i wish i could have a time out
just once...

that plus the interesting occurrence that
when i moved all of the containers out from
the spot in the garage
under the stairs
between the hot water heater
& the shelf that houses
extra food
& snow chains
where we keep it all
someone moved in
& is now calling it the basement
(& i am praying that he doesn't start telling people
that i make him sleep in the basement
though if i did he would have all of the essentials of life
blocks & trains
cans of chili
gilmore girls season 5 on dvd
(look closely
it's all there))

& so
how can i make him move out of the basement?
when he has decorated it
& says things like
'i'm going to the basement to read!'
'can i have some snacks to take to the basement?'
canned chili isn't a good snack when
you're not allowed to use the can opener? huh.)
he's too cute...
& so our christmas decorations
only partly packed up
(not all my fault!)
sit in the garage
waiting to see...
will the basement stick?
will he move his bed in next?
or will this lose it's novelty too
like watching tv while hanging upside down from the couch
or wearing long pants in the winter?
only time will tell...
& how long we can maneuver around the christmas boxes



Anonymous said...

Gotta love those girls. One that visits us often is, "you make my life miserable!" :)

also gotta love the shorts and rain boots - it's a new style, ya know?

love ya,

jmbmommy said...

Hilarious! Gotta love them kids. I was inspired by your last post, I thought...if Emily is putting away HER christmas stuff...then I can too.

Your card won best of the year award around here...It was just so neat. I found some sweet pictures of the two of us reading Ramona books...story to follow!

Happy 2+ week of the New Year!

Liz said...

I did that as a kid too - I set up a "room" in the corner of the laundry room and slept there for a week or two. I just can't remember WHY I did it...

KaraBeagle said...

okay, well I used to climb up in the rafters over the garage (you know, before they actaully walled garage ceilings? I would put a board or a mattres up there and read...

Everybody needs a "fort" or a "clubhouse". maybe you need to build a treehouse someplace? He's just being a normal, normal kid. Gotta love that!! Thankfully he has a mom who lets him.