08 January 2009

it's beginning to look alot like two weeks after christmas...

& so we bid a fond farewell to
the decorations that we took such joy in putting up
& are now buried in the minutia of everyday life
(can you see the christmas village rooftops under
the papers
& plastic box of christmas cards (very classy, i know...))

& the little cabin
trying to peek through
(perhaps i could also put away his
turkey friend who seems to have stuck around to celebrate)

my wish
my hope
my want
(all in the christmas spirit right?)
is that this charming pile
in a few short hours
will look like something resembling this
oh wait that's martha's basement
maybe more like this
or even this

which is actually a before shot
of a real simple garage makeover
but i would take it!
trust me you don't want to see the after
it's proof that
too much organization can kill you
or at least looking at someone else's hyper organization
make you feel very very messy
even when you're semi tidy...

& on that lovely note
i go
off to get it all together
& i hope to return
to this very spot
later this afternoon
with photos
& contentment
& joy to the world
all put away
ready for next year
(i'm even going to try to label the outsides of the boxes
i know!
overachievers look out!)

c u soon

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