11 January 2009

it's about time...


Emily said...

I love your list! Did you have an ugly list first and then organize it to look so fancy and inspiring, or did it just come out of you that way?

If the latter, than I'm jealous. If the former, I think we would be friends :-)

We'd probably be friends anyway.

jmbmommy said...

wowee....putting it all out there....good for you and I totally think that it is doable!! (doesn't that word look funny!)
You leave a great phone message!

Dawnslivn4Jesus said...

you can do it!!!!!! I made no goals. you inspire me greatly! maybe I will make a neat cute list. nah.....maybe I will make the new format for our school day! and make it cute! still like a list, just with decorations.
I always thought I was plain on the outside because my head is so crazy on the inside.
such is life.
not that crazy has anything to do with cute and creative.
I just like lists.
there is an aothor named sparks I think, she writes her books like you.
x0x0 I love you

Kel said...

Good for you!!!! Now that you have publicized it, I will have to ask you how you are doing on all of it. Mwahahahahahahah! (evil laugh) Love you!

Liz said...

I LOVE your handwriting!