13 January 2009

happy shoe year...

okay since i'm now experiencing blogger's remorse
about that last post
(but i'm not going to delete it!)
let's talk about shopping!
i have my own shopping budget
just for me & it is $20 per month
(close your jaw)
for a while i would try my best to find things
at target or walmart
old navy online
(cause that's the only place they sell their plus sizes
curses on them!
but not too much
i still like what they have!)
i would try
& i would look for clearance things
& find things for $19.99 online
but then shipping would send me over
so i had to try to find things for
& that's SO EASY you know...
i started thinking
'wouldn't it be great if there was a place
where people could give away
clothes they don't wear any more
& people who are looking for clothes
WILL go buy them there?
that would be so GOOD...
so i went to st. vincent de paul
& let me tell you
why have i been wasting my time on new?
i have no problem wearing other people's shoes
i have a washing machine
(& a dryer, even!)

i think every once in a while i will show some pictures of my finds
& then the price i got them for
(is that weird or annoying or braggy?
or all three?
cause i was going for all three)

& so i present you with
emily ruth's wonderfinds: shoe edition

i love these little sweeties
especially the red stitching on the outside
& the red inside
....$3.49 at SVDP
i am a person who spends half my day
wiping things off of my shirt & pants
so a little patch rubbed out on the toe of these
was no biggie to me
& they are super comfy
...$5.99 at Assistance League of Eugene: Thrift Shop
somewhere along the way little tennis shoe flats
were renamed skimmers
(i like that name much better, anyway)
& i love skimmers!
...$4.99 at GW

& though i would cherish my own spiderman slippers
these were actually a stocking stuffer for Q
& he insanely loved them
...$1.99 at GW:)

ps all four of us are going ice skating tonight...
& so i might end up only wearing one shoe from each of these pairs
for a little while
if you know what i mean...

pictures will be forth coming
if i can stay on my feet
that is...



~Barb~ said...

Oh honey...I wish I had known about your hunt for good stuff at decent prices! I am the queen of the resale/thrift store! I managed to dress in REALLY nice clothes for my job as a paralegal without ever spending more than $25.00 per outfit. I went to thrift stores, consignment stores (and bought off season when things were marked 50%+ off their already rediculously low prices.) Shoes, clothes, handbags, accessories, even perfume! WOOT!

Now be sure to share those finds...I wanna see! Great shoes, btw.

Peace & Love,

rach said...

i can't believe you found all of those shoes! they look so new and cute. i found so many amazing things at thrift stores in december for the kids.
i want to know how ice skating went! is it really possible with kids? i'm so glad you are trying it out first!

CarrieM said...

Come up to Salem, our Old Navy has a plus size section, it is good!

emmi said...

I love your finds. I want to find some cowboy boots, not ropers, but the real deal. Did you go to De Paul on the Mall?

Dawnslivn4Jesus said...

I want cowboy boots too!!! they never have my size!!!
I love svdp! they are my favorite always.
maybe we can leave the kids some saturday and make it a date.
or bring them, whichever.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I loved the last post.
And about the shoes. When I saw you wearing the 1st pair on Monday I was going to tell you I thought that they were super cute!! :) Erin

Kel said...

Em! I am so excited! I have been shopping at our local Goodwill for a while now and have found the funnest things. And our local Target has started giving their clearance items to Goodwill too so I keep finding brand new shoes with the tags still on! So now my goal is to find things with tags. I found a pair of pants from Banana for 5.99 with the tag still on and it was the color that was half price that month!!!!! I was super excited. Oh I wish we could go together!!! Darn! Everyone else laughs at me because I shop there (but I think they are just secretly jealous at what I find there. I will send you some pics)

And, the kiddos will do great at ice skating. Just tie their skates snug, and have them practice marching off the ice just a marching band. And to make it more comfortable for them, have them wear snow pants, gloves, and a helmet. Then they won't care if they fall. I posted a video of oli skating for the first time on facebook. HE did great! They are so resilient. Wish I could be there to see. Can't wait to see pictures!

KaraBeagle said...

Well, that's all well and good for people who actually like to shop and have time. I think I was raiding the chocolate bowl when the shopping gene got passed out because I loathe shopping. I would rather pick up dog poop. The only thing that makes it tolerable is if I can take my daughter with me...she's fun to spend the day with, and she can go get me the right size if I guess wrong...and she has good ideas--although she dresses me a decade younger than I really am.

My solution? Races. I buy one pair of jeans a year (they usually last me 3 or 4) and then just enter local races and buy the shirt. I don't have to worry about color or fit that way. And for shoes I buy the fake Birkenstocks Bimart sells, and a good pair of running shoes. Of course, I always look like a slob...but that sure beats shopping!! blech...who invented it anyway? I have my own theory on THAT one!! (and it's NOT he one who said, "Don't covet"!!)

And I don't spend much on clothes that way either. Frankly, I'd rather spend my money on chocolate!

Barb said...

Hi Emily,
Haven't been by forever, so caught up on a few posts.
They are absolutely delightful!!

Love the shoes, and your story, and yes, please do share your finds!! I love seeing what others find.

Anyway, came by to tell you your Gma came in to the store yesterday!
She read my name on your side bar and decided to check it out. (thanks for listing me). =0)

She saw a pin chusion I had just made and came in to scoop it up.
I was so excited as it was my very first pincushion.
She and I had the best visit, and hugs, and talking about you and Angie.
Soooo fun!!

I'll be back to catch up on family news, bargains found, and some crafts.

hugs and blessings,

PS She saw one of your button necklaces and was going to buy it for you. Thought it was something you would like. So funny when I told her you had made it!! =0)

Sarah said...

cute shoes!!

Meg said...

LOVE the shoes! I just scored two sweaters at Goodwill over on Seneca. Because, you know, according to the stores around here, it's summer time.

I don't know if I've ever cruised the shoe rack...must go back tomorrow!!