27 April 2011

wonderfinds: polka dot fun...

in the last few years i have made it a point to
only buy clothes that i have thrifted...
i love to look through stuff
& see what crazy things are out there
& find a great little flower
(dots, stripes, black, grey, yellow)
amongst the weeds
(beyond kooky prints, wildly sequined
or weirdly gathered, especially with the plus size stuff,
the motto seems to be
'if you can't be skinny at least you can be covered in crazy')

sometimes i splurge & go to a specialty thrift store
one where someone has already weeded through
& while the prices are higher
the it is a much shorter trip as i don't have to
look at 73 pieces to find one that i like...

so there i was at a little shop in
springfield called 'merry jane's'
(no website, that i can find)
with a few things to try on...
& hanging in the dressing room was this
cutie cute polka dot skirt...
black & white!
with a little ruffle at the bottom!
so cute!

skirt, merry jane $7.50;
cardigan, goodwill $4.99;
shoes, goodwill $3.99

i'm still trying to figure out if it's a little bit minnie mouse
but i did enjoy wearing it with a red cardi...


the purse in the top picture is from the gap outlet
i've had it for years...
& again with the b&w!
can't resist...


Shelley said...

Love it! The skirt is especially fun!!! Happy Spring!

Mrs. bradlie said...

I love the dots! Have fun with them~

Barbara Jean said...



Anonymous said...

SO cute! You are such a great shopper! Miss you! -Janna