04 April 2011

magazine monday: flea market style, spring 2011

this is one of my very favorite magazines ever
i have the first issue (summer 2010, i think)
& still have it & look at it
& get inspired...
if i had seen this cover on the magazine rack
i probably wouldn't have picked it up...
too fussy & traditional
but since i loved the first issue so much
i got it
& i am so glad i did!
it's made by people who love to thrift
& go to vintage & antique sales
& then make super cool things out of the stuff they get...

example 1:
flowers made from baseball covers...

example b:
slide carriages as wall decor...
& i do adore circles...
& slides...
& hanging weird things up...

example tres:
vintage alarm clock turned vase...

& example quatro:
a whole article about rulers...
i have a few of those hanging around...
loved this place mat...

i am a total sucker for articles & photo spreads about antique sales...
i love to see the displays
& i love to see what people get!

& then there's just cute stuff...

(love the 'yum'
& will totally do it sometimes
(since i have a few letters keeping my rulers company...)

already thinking about throwing a summer party
with my favorite girlies...

i have a few fun hangers
& love to see others...

never get tired of stacks of paper
(stacks of anything really...)

& this...
if i ever found an eye chart...
oh baby...

this is not a young lady
but see how adorable she looks?
rocking the gray hair & polka dots?

they only do this magazine twice a year
so it's on the spendy side
but totally worth it to me...
i will be flipping through over & over
until the next issue in the summer
(i'm thinking...)

check it out...

in other news...
(drawing by miss m)
life is good
& busy
& wild
& fun...

just the way i like it.

i'm working on something new
& something old
& something i'm always working on...
hoping to share soon...



us three said...

omgosh. some ppl are soooo clever with what to do w/ stuff!! i so wish i was that clever. i'm going to be. i'm gonna figure it out. i fear i will become a pack rat in the meantime... :) oh! and that store in pdx i told you about...someone had taken old slides and connected them w/ silver hoops and made lamp shades. it was so awesome. i'm so copying! thx for sharing!

Brittany said...

Hey! I just came across your blog from the Bliss blog...I'm so bummed that I'll be missing the show and can't see your work in person! Your stuff is so cute! P.S. The cute lady in the poca-dot dress is one of my good friends! She's from my home ward in Minnesota. LOVE her. :)

rental elf said...

Very nice, thanks.

jmbmommy said...

This is such a fun post... makes me want to buy that magazine! You have an eye for good schtuff!

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