25 October 2010

magazine monday: entertainment weekly, october 22-29

i love entertainment weekly
it is one of the best what's-happening-in-the-movies-&-tv
(& other media)
magazines that there is...
it's not at all trashy
& there are always great interviews & photos

i don't have a subscription
so when i have a little alone time at barnes & noble
it's always my first read
(or second after us weekly...
talk about trashy :)

this week i was at the grocery store
& i saw this issue
& i just had to get it
(that's the only problem with a weekly magazine:
if you don't grab it when you see it,
it's usually gone by the time you change your mind)

it's their reunion issue
& 'back to the future' was on the cover
(there are other covers
with other reunions on them)

oh my
i loved that movie...
we had the soundtrack
(one of the only 'mainstream' tapes we owned)
'the power of love'
(huey lewis has a cameo in the movie)
'heaven is one step away'
'johnny b. goode'

the whole cast is so great
(even biff)
& the delorean
& the clock tower
& the dress that lorraine wears to the dance
& 'calvin klein'
& the flux capacitor...

oh we should just go watch it right now...

but of course the real draw
to this movie is
michael j. fox...
he is just so cute
(he doesn't look much different now)
& funny
& i always wanted this jean jacket with the rolled up sleeves...

(i always loved alex p. keaton, too :)
(& doc hollywood)


brian & i love 'will & grace'
we have a couple of the seasons on dvd
& one or two compilations...
we just randomly put them on
when we want some guaranteed funny :)
they have the best guest stars
kevin bacon (hilariously as himself)
matt damon (singing)
madonna (dancing great, acting just okay)
minnie driver (so so funny)
michael douglas (he dances too, so funny)
j.lo (as herself & really great)
i could go on & on...
i (still) love this show!


'if you leave
don't leave now
please don't take my heart away'
'pretty in pink'
another movie i adore
(& have watched 100's of times)

there are so many reasons to love this movie
the music
the rad 80's guys
the high school angst
the best is:
she makes her own prom dress!
it's one of my favorite scenes ever...
diy in a major movie!
how can you not love that?

& then of course, there's ducky...
'try a little tenderness'

let's watch that right now, too, okay?


when we were first married
we lived way out in the country
& brian was a volunteer for the fire district...
one night he went out on an emergency call
& i decided to watch this new show...
the minute he came home
did i ask him how the call was?
if everyone was okay?
i told him every bit about the show
'there's this girl
& she's a secret agent
& she's so cute
& so cool
& her name is sydney!'

we watched 'alias' from that day
until it started getting too complicated
(season 4 or so)
(oh & i think we might have had a baby by then, too :)
it was such a perfect show to watch as a couple, too!
action & great clothes & a cute girl who kicked butt
& funny & bad guys & good guys...

did anyone not fall in love with jennifer garner?
we sure did :)


have i ever mentioned how much i like those gilmore girls?
i have?

here's cute little interview where they talk about
rumors of a gg movie...
i won't spoil it for you...

& one more part in the magazine
unrelated to reunions...

after the beautiful flash back of kurt & his dad
on 'glee' a few weeks ago
they showed their favorite adult characters seen as kids.
the kurt actor was really amazing...
even through my tears i could see that :)

& the little girl kate in 'lost' was so cute, too
& perfectly freckled...
(& dexter
which i don't watch
but i am tempted...
maybe next summer,
i'm all filled up with shows right now)

i loved this issue so much
i read it straight through,
smiling all the way....


ps the issue also has reunions for:
'lord of the rings'
'married with children'
'the west wing'
'northern exposure'
& 'the muppet show'
(which needs it's own post)

just in case you are big coo-coo fans of any of those :)


Jenn said...

Oh boy do I LOVE Entertainment Weekly! I used to have a subscription and then I had Jeffrey and it just didn't seem to get read as often. Jeremiah was working at B&N last night and saw this exact one and brought it home for me. I curled up with it immediately. And loved it. And couldn't put it down. And fell asleep reading it. Which is nice cuz now I have something to look forward to tonight. =)

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