12 October 2010

curlie girlie...

i was waiting to tell you about my new job
(new within the last 6 months)
i just wanted to be sure that it was going to stick
(& hopefully i haven't jinxed it now...)

this new fun job is that
i get to write blog entries for different companies...
it's very fun :)
the company i write for the most is
ouidad, which makes hair products for curly haired girls & guys
(hello! perfect for me :)

my latest assignment was to do an entry
about a celebrity who has curly hair
(my choice!)

do you need three guesses?
how about a hint?
or just a picture of who it actually is...

so the focus was on 'glee'
& the main curls on the show come from mr. shue, of course...

the title of the post is
"Don't Stop Believing" in Ouidad's Power To Make Curly Hair Beautiful'
the whole thing is on their blog now
& i'm pretty excited about it!

my other entries have been fun to do, too
(scarlet johansson in iron man 2 & taylor swift, among others)
but this one was the closest to my heart
so i wanted to share <3

ps first picture is a lamp!
love it.
perfect for a salon :)

pps & if you're in the market for curly hair products
check out ouidad!
(i don't get a commission if you do order
just the satisfaction of knowing that i helped you find
something for your curls :)


Barbara Jean said...

You find the most interesting jobs!
You'll be great at this!



Anonymous said...

Yes, sounds like a fun and fascinating job! Cool lamp find!-Janna

Jamie said...