22 September 2010

sblog: the tools don't matter, the story does...

i used to scrapbook
oh, did i used to scrapbook
(you can see some of it here, if you're so inclined)
& i loved it
loved it so much
i haven't scrapbooked
in the literal 'paper & glue'
sense for a long time...

not because i don't like it
just because life goes in so many different directions
(usually all at once)
& right now
the road to traditional scrapbooking has a detour sign on it...
blogging has become my scrapbooking
the only thing missing is the glue :)

one of my favorite modern day philosophers
stacy julian
is known for saying (in regards to scrapbooking):
'it all counts'**
everything you are writing down
no matter where you are writing (or typing) it,
everything & every way you are taking photos,
backs of envelopes...
it all counts!

i love what rachel briggs said on her blog:
I am expressing my version of events of my life.
(this entire post is really great)

just because i haven't sat down with my
supplies doesn't mean i don't have
things to say
things to remember
things to be excited about...

but within the blogging format
i have held myself back:
'i waited too long to post about going to the county fair
& now it's been three weeks...
it's too late to post about it!'
i put that on myself
& now i'm ready to break away from it...

(& many, many other scrapbookers)
also talks about the idea
that you don't need to scrapbook in chronological order...
a trip to the park with the kiddos last week one day
& my high school senior trip the next...
& when i scrapbooked
i was all about that...

& so decided to call what i'm doing a sblog
a combo of scrapbook & blog...
just tell whichever story i want to
whenever i want to...
i'm going to label it with the date the event happened
because that seems logical :)
but beyond that i'm just going to get my stories down

i'm super excited about this
because boy, do i have some stories!
& parties
& that aforementioned fair...
things from this year
& things from years ago...

the tools don't matter, the story does...

i need this...
for my family
& for me...

what rules?


** one of the places stacy has said this is
on the paperclipping roundtable podcast...
this podcast is so wonderful
even for a non-practicing scrapbooker such as myself...
love it!



Jenn said...

Or just scrapblog. I get mine printed into a softbound book. Love seeing it in paper form.

jmbmommy said...

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! I hear you friend, I have been blogging this way too. I just think that the order in 20 years will not matter, but the memory will. And have we blogged the antique fair?? nope not yet, but the memories will hold until we are ready!