04 September 2010

heart broken...

one of my very best friend's dad died yesterday
& i am so sad for her
& so heart broken
& so helpless
& so not-knowing-what-to-do for her

except i do know
because i remember
when my mom died...

so i will call her
& i will text her every day
& tell her i'm so sad for her
& that it's heart breaking
& 'how can i help?'
& 'what can i do for you?'
& 'he was such a great guy'
& 'i love you'
& i will not forget
& not say nothing...

because even though it was 13 years ago
i remember...


kim a. said...

your actions are one of the definitions of true friendship, being there for someone you love during even the hardest of times. sending love your way.

Anonymous said...

You are the bestest friend Emily!!
You're tender and sweet and funny!

Dawn said...

I'm anonymous lol

Mrs.Kate.W said...

Amen, my sister!! It is more important to be there through the duration of the journey than in the first minute. I know you will be there for the long term!
love you

Sarah said...

I am sorry for her. And I am sorry for you. Her dad, and your mom, are always with those that love them. The distance is just a little greater.