01 December 2009

in control (top)...

i heart tights.

(even if they're not always straight)

confidential to girls who aren't tiny:
fred meyer has tights for you!
they are long
& expandable (nicer than saying wide?)
& cute!
& not a billion dollar$$$$$

confidential to girls on a budget:
i haven't had tights in so long...
they seemed like a luxury
(hello pooooor girl)
but the day after christmas they were half off
so i went for it & hello cute!
i should have bought a few more...
in retrospect this 'confidential to'
is not that helpful since they were only
half price the day after christmas
but fm does do coupons a lot i have noticed...
i never use them, but i might just have to start...

confidential to people who are not girls:
i don't really have anything for you here
unless you want to buy your girl some tights...
sorry, maybe next post...


ps shoes & skirt (which you can't really even see
but i want to mention anyway)
are both from goodwill...
another heart.



Angela said...

Yay for Goodwill! And yay for tights!

emmi said...

Tights are good. Very good. I just bought mustard yellow tights. One of those purchases that made me wonder a bit myself, but they are fun. Look-at-your- legs-and-smile kind of fun.

Amber said...

thanks for the tip!! it really is hard finding all those cute sweater tights in bigger sizes! :D

the neills said...

i'm so w/ you on tights as a luxury! even at target the cuter THICKER ones (since i'm a wuss about cold) are about $8...got me a thick black pair last year and so wish i could do cool stripey ones...another cool thing gotta catch on sale--leg warmers!! go retro from our girlhood days. :) oh and i LOVE second hand clothes shopping. i cannot fathom why people spend loads on ONE item of clothing (also target clearance is even CHEAPER than second hand sometimes!).

Alicia P. said...

You are so adorable. xox