21 December 2009

how i'm spending my christmas vacation: as the dvd spins

friday........night: harry potter & the half blood prince (first 38 minutes)
saturday...afternoon: freaky friday (lindsey lohan at her finest)
.................night: harry potter & the half blood prince (last 115 minutes)
sunday...afternoon: you've got mail
...............evening: the santa clause (with the kiddos..oh, tim allen!)
...............night: funny people
monday...morning: the holiday
................afternoon: the santa clause

note: all adult (PG & R-ish) movies that are viewed
during child awake hours
are watched by me, emily ruth,
on a laptop when i am relatively alone
(rest time, folding laundry, organizing my art space, making stuff)
& paused when my kids enter the room...
though i do know all of the 'afternoon movies' forward & back
so i know when it's okay to leave it running
(meg & tom are chatting online)
& when i need to lunge for the pause
(hugh & is discovering renee's absolutely enormous panties (3:40))
it's rather amusing to watch me dive for the space bar,
i would imagine...
(i've been hearing some lovely british accents lately,
can you tell?)



Jamie said...

How does it feel to know that I was watching Funny People possibly at the SAME time as you, dear friend? What did you think about it anyway? I thought it was a tad long, but good. And I LOVE that you are watching movies with abandon :) I fully plan to do the same with all my unread copies of Real Simple and InStyle..in just a couple of days! :)

emily ruth said...

jamie- that is kookie! i liked it too, as i do like all judd apatow movies (most of my friends are appalled)...it does take me a few minutes to get used to them, though since i don't hang out with 22 year old guys all day long :)...have you seen freaks & geeks? oh! it's so great... love you, sweets! happy christmas!

Anonymous said...

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