08 August 2008

there it was...

when you were younger did you ever think about
what it would be like when you were older?
not what you would do
but what it would be like
how it would feel
how you would feel

about a month ago
perfectly warmish coolish day outside
in the garage/woodshop making a bookshelf
in the kitchen starting dinner
front door
sliding glass door
garage door
every door
& the kids
in & out
around & through
sunflowers from the farmers market
on the counter
there it was
that feeling
just right
exactly where we were supposed to be

exactly right



Liz said...

Love those sunflowers!

Anonymous said...

see my blog "Boy germs"...and my feeling of "A boy lives here". yup, complete!!


Sarah said...

:) your blog made me smile

Angie said...

My eight-year-old just expressed this very sentiment yesterday.
"I wonder what it feels like to be grown up..."
We talked about it for a little while, and she was wondering exactly what you're talking about. It wasn't "what will I do?" or "who will I be with?" but "what's it like... this thing called life?"
Awesome post, Em. I think I'll show it to her :)

jmbmommy said...


I smiled too...when I see sunflowers I always think of 1993...our room, you, Lesley and Sunny...happy!


Anonymous said...

That is so lovely...the flowers, the writing! Love it! Janna