25 August 2008

okay, it's me...

this girlie
turns 34 today
seems like just yesterday she was 33

(& thankfully at age four
she was able to have that floating arm removed from her head
it was touch & go for a while
but surgery was successful
& now there is a big mess of curls to cover the scar
so she only gets teased when she wears a side pony)



Colleen said...

♫ Hippo birdie two ewes! ♪
♪ Hippo birdie two ewes! ♫
♩ Hippo birdie deer ewe! ♪
♫ Hippo birdie two ewes! ♪♫

So many delightful people I know were born in 1974! Have a ♪ ROCKIN' ♫ good day!


Kel said...

Um...are you totally sure that's not a picture of miss m? Hee hee! Happy b-day! Today I celebrate you!

P.S. I turned thirty last month. I can tell already that the thirties are awesome!!!!

jmbmommy said...

Happy Birthday! You are one cute kid...then and always!