20 August 2008

i demand a recount!

oh my gosh!
oh my goodness!
this is so unexpected!
i would like to thank the academy
& all of my fellow nominees
you guys are amazing
& i'm honored to be on the same list as you all...

i would like to thank the portland art museum
for making my sunday afternoon
so spectacular
i especially loved seeing the
contemporary northwest art awards
& laughing through the modern art section
with my sister

thank you to my dear friend gwen
who allowed us to stop by her house
& stay for hours
talking & laughing
& watching her adorable kids play
(go harry!)
& to her husband timothy
for hanging out with us too
(great haircut, dude!)

i would not have been able to achieve this without the
support of my sister, kate
who provided a bed & a couch
& a tummy full of boys
for whom i got to organized bags & bags of clothes
(no more 0-6 month clothes!)...
& her need to rest often
which helped me to slow down too
& just enjoy the fact that i was only in charge of my self...
thanks kate!
your knowledge of great shops
& stores in the portland area is inspiring

to my step mom tam
who is a endless fount of hilarious stories
(ooo scary ghosts!)
& hugs
& dinner
& breakfast

to my stepsister lilli
(the third picture down on that link
is a cute one of her
in a scene for this movie called 'phoned')
for planning her trip to portland on the same weekend that
your mom & i were going to be there...
none of us knew that the
others would be there
which just proves that this award is
not all about talent
there is a lot of luck involved, too...

to the city of salem for having a rocking downtown
(take notes, eugene...)
which allowed me to stop on the way home
& wander around
cute stuff
cute stuff

to the purple truck for getting me safely home

& most importantly
to my husband brian
without whom none of this would have ever happened...
thank you buddy for making it possible for me
to take a few days away
to recharge & relax...
thank you for being such a great dad
that three days with the kids doesn't scare you
& for being a husband who knows
that sometimes a girl just needs to run away...

& finally to all of the moms out there
i am living proof that dreams do come true
if you believe in yourself
& have a supportive husband
& a car
& a place to stay
you too can have a getaway...

oh & i almost forgot
thank you to my sweet kiddos!
if it weren't for you two this couldn't have happened
because i would have nothing to get away from
(i do love you both with all my heart
but seriously
sometimes mom just needs to go)



jmbmommy said...

Hear hear! Congrats! I especially love the nod to the kids...so true...is school starting soon??? Please??

Anonymous said...

Ah-ha! SO that's where you were! How fun! Janna