28 May 2008


(i feel you miss m. i feel you.)

i woke up too early
i got distracted (curses on you internet!)
the kids slept too long
i forgot to put the car seat in the car
it was raining
it is garbage day
we forgot
i had to park the car
run back to our garbage can & pull it to the street
Q was late for school
i was late to meet my friend to walk
i took miss m to the bathroom in the mall
she peed the second i pulled her pants down
all over me & the floor
i dropped my purse in a puddle
i couldn't get the stroller to fold down & fit in the trunk
i got pulled over on the way to pick Q up from school
i cried a lot
i still got a speeding ticket
Q hugged me & his head bumped my chin & now i have a little fat lip
i'm having some intestinal issues if you know what i mean
my water tastes like bleach
my ipod headphones broke
& so did the ones that i bought from the dollar store
it's still raining
peas are yucky
pencils are stupid

i think i'll move to australia



The Lydia said...

sucky.....I'm so sorry!! I hope your days get exponentially better!!

Kel said...

Definitely a terrible horrible no-good very bad day. So so sorry. Let me know when you move, and I will stow away in your luggage.

Anonymous said...

but, yah know, my friend says there'll be days like this and she'll still love me anyway! :)

love the alexander frame of mind.


jmbmommy said...

Great picture....but what an awful day. You are too good for that...thanks for my candy!

Angie said...

ugh indeed.
What misery. What absolute misery!

And here I'd been worried about how long it had been since your last post.... Apparently I wasn't worried enough!

ps. peas are yucky even if you haven't had a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

love you!


Oh...I hope today is better. I think that kind of day deserves a movie and a box of popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I hope this was the worst day you ever
have to experience.
I think I would have to eat a box of Mrs. See's
chocolates to counteract getting a ticket and
being late picking up a frantic 4 year old from
pre-school. Gma

emmi said...

You certainly don't do anything halfway. I hope today was better.

Left Coast Sister said...

I feel your pain. Although... think of all the icky things that happened at once, instead of one per day for a long ol' time... (: virtual hugs to you!!
I'llbe in town next week... let's get together, yeah yeah yeah... think of all that we could do-o. can ya?

chubbycheeks said...

hi emily, i just stumbled across your blog today. hope your day gets better! as my friends like to say, "shit happens". just wanna tell you that your previous blog posts have brought a smile to my face, if that's any consolation! hope things get better!

Colleen said...

Whadduh day whadduh day whadduh day! Oh MAN. I ... oh dear I ... I just don't have a whole lot to say but I can feel the horror of this day way into my innards.

I used to carry a bottle of bubbles in my car at the ready where'er I went for days such as these. Of course I used them on purdy days, too but my oh my do they help when all you want to do is cry and forget. (Why don't I do this anymore, you may ask? Bubbles don't blow when it's 40 below. [YAY! That rhymed.])


Liz said...

My mom says some days are like that... even in Australia.

I hope tomorrow is better!

Barb Stewart said...

Bless her little heart!! Awful for her, I know.... but WOW...what an absolutely adorable photo of that sweet baby!!
That photo belong's on a "Having a really bad day?" greeting card!
Thank's for sharing!