15 March 2008

because it was there...

Q's school has this thing called
parent's time out...
it's one morning a week
& you can take your kids
& then go do errands
or grocery shop
or help feed the homeless
or go back home & sleep...
the room they use is a huge gymnasium type place
& they have lots of trikes & little cars
& plenty of room to run around like crazy
& that is exactly what my kids do
they L-O-V-E love it...

recently i have been estate sale jonesing
no, not the jones' estate sale
just really wanting to go to one...
back before i had my kiddos
(que the waynes world 'deedly doo deedly doo'
flashback music)
i would look through the classifieds every friday
& sometimes thursday
& sometimes monday
okay every day i would look through the classifieds
especially at the estate sale section...
you see for a while i had a greeting card business
& i had a rep who sold my cards up
& down the west coast
& in colorado
& one time in new york
(thus ends the bragging part of this section
but don't worry there's more in the next section...)
one of the lines that i made
were cards with old black & white pictures on them
& then the were decorated with
old fabric & buttons & vintage ephemera
(i love that word)
so you see i had to go to these estate sales
i had to
it was my job...

so every year in the spring time
the jonesing starts
(i do know what that means
by the way
& i know that it refers to drugs
& let me state for the record that
i do not take drugs
& i never have
(in this decade)
unless watching gilmore girls is considered a drug
then i admit
i have a problem)

so last week
i opened the paper
i looked
i saw
i dropped those kids off so fast
that they were spinning...
& i made my way to a cute little house downtown
& i walked in
& suddenly i was in heaven
it was pretty amazing
God was there & he said
'look, em, there's piles of vintage linens
& vintage aprons
& vintage fabric
& vintage books
& vintage christmas decorations'
(do you get the picture?
everything was vintage)
it was exactly what you want in an estate sale
piles of great stuff
& a full basement with two big rooms
full of vintage stuff
& two small rooms
full of vintages stuff
& upstairs?
& in the garage?
& in the woodshop?
you guessed it

as i was browsing
(read: drooling)
i heard my name & i turned to see
one of my favorite mother-in-laws
now don't go starting any rumors
i personally only have one mother-in-law
but my friend's mother-in-law's
are numerous
& some of them are even wonderful
including this one
who i have seen at other sales
(hi sue!)
she scored a box of old highlights magazines
for her granddaughter
(see? a good grandma that one)
& also some linens
because she makes
the cutest tea pot cozies this side of everywhere...

i got some great stuff
wanna see?
okay okay...
i see you have been jonesing too...

the whole pile...

the sweet aprons...
cute tulip pocket on one of the aprons...total sucker for scallops...
(not the onions
or are those scallions?
so confusing)

& who doesn't need wrapping paper
of little girls performing domestic duties?
i'm going to frame it
& put it up in miss m's room
& say
this is what lies in your future, dear
are you sure you want to grow up?
you can be whatever you want to be, miss m!
but you still have to do laundry!
unless you hire someone else to do it for you...
why didn't i think of that?

there are a few other things
but i'm going to save them for a future post
when the jones starts again
no more jones talk!)

plus i'm working on a little project
for the Q man & his sister...
more to come...

have a great day
& just say no!



Angie said...

Yes yes yes.
I love this!
Maybe I can hire Merra to do my laundry for me!
Oh, and yes, the gift is not secret.... I just couldn't remember what it was.

And Isabel LOVES them. If only she didn't love them, I could cut them up and make some really cute cards out of them :)

Camille said...

Oooh, girl do I have a treasure for you! 4 vintage aprons I'm selling... even one with an adorable scalloped edge! And a few with pockets made out of dainty hankies. Shoot an email back to me if you're interested!
Oh and for the record... since I'm in the same area, I'd love to go estate sale-ing with you! I've been seriously 'jonesing' as well! = )

Camille said...

p.s. addy to contact me at:


jmbmommy said...

Now, when we spoke on Thursday, perhaps you were a bit spellbound--OR maybe I just didn't realize that when you say --much vintage things---that you are meaning THAT---Why didn't I go!!!! I am so sad, but then you should have brought your treasures over so that I could peep at them as the kids slammed the door in each other's faces---next time missy, I am going to take you more seriously!!! Seriously!
you are a cute kid, and you have cute kids and I am glad that you are my friend!


not much more to add...wish I lived closer...wish I had been there!

The Lydia said...

oh kid, you are hilarious!! and amazing! and I love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a blog-reader but rarely a blog-commenter--but I'll have to make an exception when such nice things are said about me! I like the feeling that my "kids" friends are my friends, too--so the admiration is mutual, Emily. We'll probably see each other again at another sale. (Your blog and the links are so interesting/inspiring--I've spent way too much time browsing!)
Sue (a favorite friend's mother-in-law)