11 October 2007

i get to go away for a bit of the weekend
& the weekend starts...
who said there were no perks to being a stay at home mom?
actually no one would say that
the perks are obvious & very cute...
the additional perk is that as long as my kids have someone of age with them
my weekend is whenever i need it to be
so i'm
heading to portland for a women of faith conference
with some of my favorite women
like this girl
& this girl
& this one too
oh & don't forget this one
& many others who apparently don't have a bloggy footprint...
i get to go to ikea!
oh joy!
finally oregon has a reason for people to visit
because i guess crater lake just wasn't enough to get them here...
very excited
see you soon...

ps the picture is from the little photo shoot i did
on tuesday
there is something about these pictures
of kids with their heads cropped off
is it cool?
is it morbid?
i don't know but i like it...


amandajean said...

have a great time away. I hope it goes wonderfully...and enjoy your time with your friends.

The Lydia said...

Yay!! I'll see you tomorrow!!

Colleen said...

hee hee! I'm not sure if it's morbid but it made me laugh because it reminded me of when I was a little kid popping the heads off of dandelions and singing "Mama had a baby and her head popped off" and my Mom would get so mad at me for that. (She's the greatest mom in the world by the way but I was so BUMMED that she wouldn't let me sing that.) Anyhoo, I think your photo is beautiful. Also a WOF conference is a blast. I like saying WOF. I went to one in Vancouver, BC. a few years ago with my mom. Yep! The same one who bummed me out. See? I can forgive. :)