10 December 2006

somebody's getting married....

today is the day...
kate's getting her hair done...
the wheels are turning
it's happening!
& don't you worry
pictures will follow
very soon:)

my stomach is in knots
& not because i've been doing sit ups
i'm toasting tonight
& i am nervous
too long?
too short?
fortunately kate & ryan told me
that i didn't have to be funny...
they said
'the best man is really funny
so you don't have to be'
so i guess i know how they feel about my sense of humor...

boy do they have a surprise coming
cause i have a juggling routine down...

until the balls all fall...

i tried out the instruments of torture
(aka the wedding shoes)
at the rehearsal
& they felt....
but so did everyone else's including BM#1 & #2
so i am not alone
let the limping ensue...


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