26 December 2006

company's comin'

12:54 am
day after christmas
sitting on my parents couch

high speed blogging
company potatoes as my companion

brian in seventh heaven
high speed shooting & stratagizing

once you go high speed you never go back
they all say

i'm beginning to beleive them...


company potatoes...
a tam christmas tradition
i 'm not sure what's in them
besides potatoes
but i'm guessing crack has to be at least
one of the ingredients.
maybe two.
has to be...

plus she always has them ready before
anyone comes over
i think i'm on to something...



jmbmommy said...

High speed is the best....I would like to eat some of your potatoes.



They really are the yummy...second place to the awesome stuffing on thaksgiving in my book...but awesome for sure!


as for the high speed...have you thought about getting a manually powered computer and hooking Q up to it? He has more energy than a pack of computers!