16 March 2010

wonder cousins!

with 4 kiddos 5 & under,
deciding to do a cousins picture

5 hours before it's supposed to be
a 50th birthday present is quite a feat...

it takes moms who are very
optimistic, energetic & filled with hope...
thankfully my sister & i are just that
(well, she's energetic)

& when you are all of those things,

you are rewarded
with magic

(because you've got some sweet, cute kids :)

we were so happy to get a picture!
it was such a fun shoot!
we threw some balloons in too
thinking that might get some fun shots
& it didn't really work for the four kiddos
but check out these cuties...

this is my favorite
(not just because it's headless
but yes,
that is one reason)

it just seems like a little snip of what having twins is like...

it was so fun to have them here!
my kids LOVE their cousins
& it is especially sweet to see Q with them
i think he may just end up being
one of those great boy babysitters,
when he's not out mowing people over on the soccer field...

kate & i got to hang out late on thursday night
project runway & lots of chatting
plus calzone & adorable fur lined boots
(which i will share soon)
it was a great night :)

i love you kate!
please come back again soon!

here's to sisters & cousins
& photo shoots that turn out
better than you expected...



jmbmommy said...

oh how fun.... Why don't my sisters make me some cousin types too? OH well.

Great pictures.

Jamie said...

That picture made me tear up!!! I LOVE them all, but the one is AHH-MAZING. Great job, mamas!!!