11 March 2010

together 1-derful!

what a fun evening
with some of my favorite girlies...

& since one of us has moved to salem
(cough rachael)
it has been harder for us to get together...
however this little shin-dig
was planned in 20 minutes
with angie & i IMing on facebook
while i texted rachael
& angie texted erin...
it was awesome!
a revelation!
usually one person is texting 3 other people
& that's just difficult
but this was smooth & lovely...

the place we went
is a cool new-ish wine bar in town
(what do you imagine that stands for?
i'm sure it's on their website someplace)
& as is my way
i took more pictures of inadement objects than
of actual people...

the wine racks...
(my camera needs it's operator to read the manual
i wonder when that will happen...)

& this wine that angie & rach got
just because the name was so great
& then i bought a bottle for my sister
because of the name & the label
(which is how i choose wine all the time...
well, label & price)

can you blame me for taking so many pictures?

& the other adorableness
more adorable
of course!
was mr jack who joined us
& was charming the entire time!
so cute!
but did i get a picture of his cute smile?
got three pictures of a wine bottle though
i will certainly treasure that for years to come...


hope you're finding time to
hang out with your girlie friends
or at least
it's a good thing


1 comment:

Angie said...

remember that one time? at b2? where we could all make it on short notice?

that was awesome.