06 July 2009

of course, it's a girl!

dear miss blog,
though i have been neglecting you lately
you are never far from my thoughts
(let's hope i never say that to my kids :)
you have no idea what a crazy two weeks it has been...
you have no idea
because i haven't been here to tell you!
but believe me
the posts i have been writing in my head have been awesome!
as we camped at loon lake
(sand beaches, bloggie! & a roped off swimming area for
little elves & a bigger bald elf,
a mom who couldn't sleep & just listened to 'this american life'
over & over all night long)
& as we walked to the wading pool three times last week
i thought of clever blog titles
('wading on the world to change'
'can't hardly wade')
watching 'nim's island' for free family summer movies
(very cute)
& now that i am thinking of it, blog-a-roo
it seems that the first few weeks of summer can be
summed up in three words

*loon lake (right after school got out)
*plant watering (every day, thank you very much)
*wading pool (x3 as mentioned)
*our back yard teeny tiny pool
(only when we aren't schlepping to the wading pool)
*amazon pool (with grammy, kate & my nephews, so so cute :)
*camp harlow pool (on the 4th...so awesome)
(seriously i am starring in the new movie
'so i married a fish...& then we had two more fishies'
it is sure to be a hit)

*17 again (again...for $1.75 just try to keep me away)
*music & lyrics (i love hugh & drew)
*my sister's keeper
(sad & completely infuriating for two girlies who read the book)
*nim's island (cute, fun, abigail breslin for the second time in three days)
*silence of the lambs
(bg's night of 4th of july pick...happy bday america! nightmares for everyone!)

i may just dedicate an entire post to this subject, b
(i know, can you just wait?)
let's just say
i'm trying to figure out

& so i just wanted to check in
let you know that even though i'm not in touch
& will probably be even less so in the next week or so
(three words
it doesn't mean that i'm not thinking of you...
i also wanted to just thank you
for never making me feel guilty for not checking in...
thanks for trusting that i will be back when i can
& knowing that what we have is solid...
water, movies, headaches, vbs
they might keep me away for a few weeks
but i will always come back
overflowing with lowercase letters,
poor grammer
misplaced sentence breaks
& alarming amounts of sideways smiley faces...

love you...
em :)


jmbmommy said...

Sorry that you are still having those BLASTED headaches...
That is bad, but the swimming all sounds fun. I will be thinking of you and praying that those headaches go away.

Jeanneoli said...

I was so frustrated by My Sister's Keeper also...how can they change the ending so much!!! I couldn't get over the changes!

kismet art said...

I will miss reading your fun and cleverly punctuated posts but am glad that you and your family are enjoying summer. And I second the hopes that your headaches go away soon!

Angie said...

a love letter to a blog...
i love it (and you)

your best girlie :)