04 June 2007

a weekend in pictures...

our weekend started like this...

& ended like this...

with a little of this

& this

& this

thrown in for fun...

it's an exciting life...
that's for sure
well, eventful anyway...

ps the answers to your questions:
pic 1
-the concert was great
-he didn't sing 'your body is a wonderland'
-or mention jessica

pic 2
-he broke the two bones in his right forearm
-he fell off of a bar stool
-yes, rachael & i are starting a 'no three year olds on bar stools campaign'
you'll be able to buy t-shirts soon
-yes, a similar thing did happen not 15 months ago
-he is all drugged up
& will get a cast later this week

pic 3
-it's the four gulka cousins
-& even though they aren't looking at the camera
it's my favorite picture right now...
love it!

pic 4
-yes they are both three (one week apart)
-yes they did start off with grandma rona's good jewelry
& then when all of the moms realized it
& went 'agghhh!'
& scared them
grandma gladly got out the play jewelry
-yes, they are both three:)

pic 5
-yes-sir-ree it's all natural curl
-she gets it from her mom (that would be me)
& grandma ro (i'll do side by side by side pictures someday...)
-& yes i did dress a one year old in a white dress
-& yes it got so dirty
-& yes i loved it:)

additional answers
-yes, i am a total dork for not taking a single picture of the birthday girl
(kate send me a pic or two & that group one maria took!)
-i agree that going to two barbeques in the span of 4 hours is not really the best diet plan
(but it sure was yummy...& now we're back to beans & rice)


Kel said...

oh my goodness! what a weekend you had! I wonder if it will be different having a cast at three than it was at two. My guess is probably not!!! =)
Your precious miss m's curls are so beautiful and amazing. Henry is working on his own head of curls. I couldn't bring myself to cut them off, but someone called him a she the other day so they might have to go.
You've got some pretty cute kiddos.
love you.

Colleen said...

John Mayer. I'm just getting into him (slow getting on the bandwagon) and he is so good! I'm not a little jealous ... but in a good way. :) And I have to agree - the picture of thefour Gulka cousins is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. My favourite, too.

Left Coast Sister said...

Ah, cousins! Yipes, more than one 3 yr old in the same room!! Best of luck with the cast once he's undrugged... Love the pics!

Angie said...

Unbelievable! Some kids have all the luck (or lack thereof)...
Thanks for posting all your great pictures, Emily. What cute kiddos!
I've been thinking lately how much I would like to have a bar stool counter area in my future house. Maybe I should rethink that....

ps. Kel, don't let H being called a girl convince you to cut the curls. Some people are just, well, not too bright. I can dress my boy in all blue and people will still say "how old is she?"