07 June 2007

good grief...

so like i was saying
was is it with the arm slings for kids these days?
so granted i have had more experience
with child sized arm slings than most people do in a whole lifetime
& some may argue since that is the case that i should just keep my opinions to my self
no one else cares!
but you know me better than that...
onward i go!
so last year in march & this year in june
the sweet boy has to wear a sling for his broken arm
the same design both times
what do these things look like?
you wonder
a choice of solid colors?
so that a child may choose their favorite?
um no, hospitals don't give choices
unless sitting in an urget care waiting room for four hours
with a three year old with a broken arm is considered a choice
then yes!
they give you LOTS of choices...
okay you wonder
back to the slings
are they just a nice little design
like the baby blankets that they give the newborns
with small birds & woodland creatures in an array of pastel colors
(actually i hate those too
why is just plain white not okay?
i obviously have issues with hospital fabric choices)
anyway back to slings
no it is not a subtle little design
it is a loud primary display of the peanuts characters
charlie brown
his blanket
& snoopy
(who Q calls sniffy
talk about cracking me up
oh i laugh everytime i think of it much less when he says it
& i make him say it a lot.)
the whole peanuts gang
the peanuts whose comic was discontinued
like 15 years before Q was even born...
it's like a well meaning woman in 1967 accidently
ordered 100 dozen slings instead of just 1 dozen
(this recently happened to curious george with donuts
so it is a real life example)
'oh' she thought 'the next twelve children with broken arms will love these'
& little did she know
that the next 1200 children over the next 40 years
would have to pay the price for her ordering mistake...
honestly, mabel
even the monkey noticed that he made a mistake
& tried to fix it...
i have nothing against snoopy
(or sniffy)
or charles shultz
or even peppermint patty
(though she really isn't too bright)
my grandpa loved them
& really whose grandpa didn't?
but peanuts?
for three year olds?
in 2007?
although now that i think of it
Q did break his arm because i was holding the football
for him & as he ran to kick it
i pulled it away
& he flew up in the air & landed on his arm...
or did he trip & fall as he was running to see the great pumpkin?
or as he was dancing without moving his arms?
maybe it was a good choice after all....




LOL!! I think I see a new business plan. Pick the fabric and I will sew it for him!

grandmabetty said...

Someone should explain to the Doctor's what
urgent means. Four hours indeed- not

Kel said...

love this blog, cannot stop laughing and laughing!!!!
Poor Q.
And poor mom. I totally get it! It's the same thing with nurses and their scrubs. Why would you wear Winnie the Pooh when you are a grown woman? I just don't get it!

erin said...

rofl! ;)

ah yes, the peanuts gang - doing Merry Christmas Charlie Brown in 4th grade - oh the memories.

Colleen said...

Anyways, back to slings ... You're adorable. And you make me laugh.

Angie said...

Oh I laughed so hard.

Firstly I have to tell you that when you said they were "peanuts" slings, I imagined they had pictures of little peanuts all over them (allergy allert!) like Mr. Peanut or something. But Sniffy cleared that all up.

Secondly, I love that curious george is a "real life example." Only another mom could understand that logic (and I do, as I have seen that wonderful episode).

Thirdly, thanks for the Mabel shout out. Even if you didn't really mean it for me, I'm pretending that you did.

Love you!

Left Coast Sister said...

You are funny!! We got Tweety at the dentists office on the bib thingy. Which turned into Tooty Bird. Which went south from there.
I'm with ttu... design stuff in bright colors and I guarantee you'd have buyers!! Peanuts. sheesh.

FlutterinbyGirl said...

My son calls him Snoofy.... sounds like they would have fun together, along with Sniffy and Snoofy!