31 May 2007

sweet as can be...

wowie you guys...
i just have to say that if this is the outpouring of sweetness
& compassion
& encouragement & sympathy for
the demise (thanks for that word, jmb:)
of a three month old
web site
i am confident that i would be covered in
love should anything worse ever happen

i have been in tears for the last few days
reading your comments on the blog
some kind emails from rp, kw & jmb
getting sweet phone messages
from rpx2:), ar, em & kw
& one very sweetly worded
'get up & move on things will be fine!'
phone message...thanks miss ef:)
also a lovely little
'i thought you might need a little something' care package from bt
(that's my grandma by the way:)
& lots of hugs from brian
& Q
(& i know they say that kids can sense it when something is going on)
hugged me & then patted my back & said
'it's going to be okay'
& told grandma
'if i clean up my room it will make my mommy feel better'
talk about tears
(by the way the room is still not clean
but with that sweet comment
he's excused for a few weeks:)

thank you all
you are too sweet
(word of the day, pee wee...)
& what some of you said is so right
i will have more oppurtunities later
& this just wasn't the time for it
& i won't run out of ideas
(always too many in that catagory:)

i am overwhelmed with love
thanks for letting me be me
on this giant blogosphere
but where these last few days it has felt really cozy

i'll give a few more details later
my embarrasssment may lead to avoiding it
(i'm quite good at that huh, rach:)
but we'll see
maybe it is a new me
willing to look idiotic in order to be real & true...
but don't count on it
i am still human:)

love you guys...
truly i do


jmbmommy said...

A little smile for you.

Jamie said...

Emily Bressi, I mean Emily GULKA: you were an inspiration when you made roommates' bunkbeds with flair (and a taste of chocolate, I might add), and now as a wife/mommy/scrapbooker/cardmaker/best friend to all you continue to make me want to be a better person. I heart you!!!!

Kel said...

You my friend are so brave and humble. Your brain is so full of the greatest ideas ever. That is a gift! He stuffed you full of creativity and vision! He has huge plans for you! But, even if you weren't so freaking creative and cute, I would still like you.

BTW- when looking at a picture of Q and himself (when they were brand new) O said "Q is probably my best friend, I knowed him the longest." PRECIOUS!