18 May 2007

every friday...

play group
play group
it is a wonder
& an essential part of mommy sanity!
(for me at least)

i mean it's not like it's the only day of the
week we leave the house or anything
but it is the only day of the week where we leave the house &
are going someplace
just to
& socialize
(i suppose technically any place my kids are
is to play & sociallize

why didn't i appreciate that more when i was three?)
so for ME it is the only time
set asside for playing & socializing
(are you tired of those two words yet?
me too)
today we were at my friend jessica's house
jessica & i have been friends since the 7th grade
(with a few esstranged years in there for good measure)

& she is one of the funniest people you will ever meet
so witty
& kind
& smart
(yes you!)
& now i can add
the greatest yard in the county to have playgroup in
to the list of her attributes...

it was so fun
kids running
& jumping
& yelling
& singing
& fighting
& blowing bubbles
& hammocking
& riding
& digging
& playing & socializing

i love to take pictures at play group
i have known so many of these kid for years
& some even since they were born
(4 whole years in some cases!
they are my kid's friends
& my friend's kids
(& yes, there will be a scrapbook page forthcoming:)

& i love them!
& the sun was shining
(overhead, which is not so good
for picture taking
but that's what photoshop is for right?)
& it was just lovely!

i have included a little selection here
but if you would like to see the whole set
let me know
& i will email you the snapfish linky thing

summer afternoon
summer afternoon
no two better words together
(that is completely ripped off from someone
& not even exactly right
i need to google it...)

& speaking of google....
if you are wondering what kind of a day
yesterday was
around here
(as opposed to the 16 other days i was gone from the blogosphere)
i had to google:
"getting crayon out of carpet"


jmbmommy said...

so sweet, we had so much fun too! I also like that it posted @ 3:33!

Kel said...

oh how i miss play group. i must start my own this summer. hey, you should put a link for playgroup ideas on go mom go!!!

erin said...

those pictures are awesome! i want them :) please send me the snapfish linky thingy! jess's back yard was so awesome - i'm so glad the kids decided to go out there! :)

Angie said...

I officially feel like a homebody loser now... but this is an inspiring motivation to get me out the door on Fridays :)

Colleen said...

I love reading the sunshine in your voice when you write. It cheers me so. :D

Jacob and Rachael said...

ah picturs - they take out
all the sounds of screaming,
yelling, crying -lovely! they
work just like moms - we had
a great time and remember
a morning of sun and friendship
and playing children - all
the chaos is forgotten!


I wish I could come and play in the grass!

PS...Jessica is the funniest! Love her!

Left Coast Sister said...

Couldn't agree more wiht regard to Jessica!! (And she's beautiful to boot!!) You need to put together a magazine called "Playgroup" and just have your pictures in it. You seriously are too talented!