27 April 2006

you want fries with that?...NO!

we watched 'super size me' last night...
talk about a good diet plan
(& i mean watching the movie, not the Mcmeals 3x a day:)

it was really gross
not just the fact that he did very bad things to his liver
& that he became really tired & lethargic
& that he wasn't able to (ahem) 'perform' as well
(thank you to his girlfriend for the ultimate TMI)

what was gross for me was
the fact that some of those big bottoms they showed
from the back could have been me
i could have been one of the unlucky people to have
my eyes covered with the black line
(can you even imagine if you really recognized yourself?
embarassment city! hello!)

i really need to do something soon
granted i just had a baby
but as soon as i get the okay
i'm getting out!
& i'm going to eat some fruit
& maybe some veggies
(i said MAYBE!!)

my friend angie
(the one who helped me figure out the picture thing)
is a running machine!
she did the portland marathon last year
& is doing a half in june

here she is kicking some butt

i want to be there next year
yes i do
i said it on a public forum
(does it matter if no one else is reading it?)
so i have accountability

we'll see....

thank you mr super size
a lovely little wake up call
or a lovely BIG wake up call
as the case may be...


Angie said...

Oh, but someone IS reading.
I have it in writing.
You and me are hittin' the pavement!

rach said...

yes - that movie was sick - i couldn't even look at a fast food restaurant for weeks, i couldn't bear to see someone bite into a hamburger again - even if it had been about tacos i would have felt the same - watching someone eat anything for a month is gross!