26 April 2006

snuggle down!

today is snuggle down!

brian's 3rd grade class has a day every so often
when they all wear their jammies
to school
& bring their pillows
& blankies
& they watch movies
& read

we have snuggle down at home
every wednesday
we stay home all day
we stay in our jammers at least until after nap
(i like us to get dressed at some point
so it looks like we did something:)
we just hang out at home

when Q hears the garbage truck
now, it is very lucky for mr. Q
that garbage day & snuggle down are both wednesday
or he would miss
what i am quite sure
is the high light of his
2 year old week:
we hear the garbage truck
we run out to the sidewalk
(we already have sweatshirts & shoes on
in anticipation)
& we walk with the garbage truck for 2 blocks
I walk
he sprints
& stops
watches each can get emptied
sprints along the sidewalk
to the next set
grinning all the way
it is just the cutest thing ever

what is not the cutest thing ever
i'm sure
is his tired old mother
still in her jammers
walking along
holding a 1 month old baby
trying to keep up...
my exercise for the day:)

but the smile on his face is worth
the neighborhood embarassment...

(& last week we helped a lady
who had locked herself out of her house
so it is really a neiborhood outreach;)

so here's to snuggle downs
& garbage trucks
& the 2 year old boys who love them
& the mommies who love the boys


Angie said...

Yes, this is the cutest thing ever. And I love that you helped the neighbor!!!

Left Coast Sister said...

A friend of mine and I decided that your house is worth an additional $50K for each of the following items: being under the flight path, near the train tracks, on a busline, and a garbage truck route right past the front door. I guess it's only going to add value to your home if there's a toddler involved. (;