10 February 2010

little bits of this & that, here & there...

-i want to thank you guys for your
sweet comments
& emails
& texts
& facebook comments
& in person hugs :)
about my sickness...
such nice & kind blog readers you are!
today i have a dr. appointment
so hopefully i will have an answer or two

oh, i was so happy & looking forward to it!
& it's not like i've given up on it,
i mean i've been 'lost' from the beginning
it's the last season
we're two episodes in
& there are more questions
AND more characters...
now i know you non-lost-ers
(if you even still reading)
are saying
'duh! that's why i don't watch it in the first place!'
i'll just say this
if i don't get some answers soon
i will
keep watching to the end
i mean
it's only like 8 more episodes or something...
but i will be annoyed!
very annoyed!

-instyle magazine...march 2010
i've been checking my mailbox
everyday since february 3 or so...
& yesterday it came!
i love having a subscription to instyle
(thank you rona!)
& i don't care that the only thing i can afford
is the actual magazine...
(& i don't even have to buy that)
this issue does not disappoint
it's huge
& full of get-ready-for-spring colors
& styles
oh! it's so pretttttty :)
perfect for a chilly february day...

-i have been so good about cutting coupons
every sunday when the paper comes
& signing up to get emails,
to get coupons online to print...
& organizing them in this
big cool clear envelope
& making a good list...
the one thing i have not been good at is
taking the big cool clear envelope
with me to the store.
& you know?
i think that is probably the first rule of couponing:
remember to bring the coupons to the store.
maybe next month...
-one day last week brian found Q upstairs with
tape & toilet paper trying to mummify himself...
it was not working out so well
so brian & i helped the kids out :)
it was pretty fun...
the kiddos favorite parts was taking it all off
& having a tp fight :)

hope you're days are full of fun little bits of this & that...


jmbmommy said...

Thinking of you! You sure looked cute on Monday, I saw you jump in your car...was it a new Instyle ensemble? You are so cute!

m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Sweety...

Those little monsters are so cute! :-) And good luck USING those coupons! LOL!