18 June 2008

at last...

it is brian's last day of school
& for this house
that means
summer is here!
plus the sun decided to go ahead & come to the party
she didn't rsvp
& she came late
& she brought a date (a mysterious mr. cloudy...must google him)
& she ate all of the good dip
but everyone cheered when she came in
so whatever
i guess i will forgive her
(unlike the girl who came to my wedding
wasn't invited
brought a date
didn't bring a gift
wait for it
caught the bouquet...
have i mentioned her before?
i have?
looks like my counselor will be getting that
new pair of flip flops she's been eyeing)

the sun.
she shines.
on me.
(was that haiku?
cause that was pretty good for fly-by poetry)

now that my friend is back in town
i'm looking forward to...
strawberry picking
blackberry picking
blueberry picking
nose picking
(oh you know you were going
right down that road with me...)

lane county fair
scandinavian festival
art & the vineyard
country fair
oregon state fair
(i have only been to one of the above listed
on a yearly basis
guess which one it is?
it's the one that is free to get into
& has giant men walking around wearing viking hats
& nothing else
just kidding
that would make it the country fair
& i have only been to that one time...)

cute kids in swim suits
cute kids playing in the driveway
cute kids riding on bikes
cute kids at the park
cute kids in time out
(reality rules here at i wonder sometimes)

going to portland with my husband
reading in the back yard after the kids go to bed with my husband
ditching the kids
(ever so gently with a very capable highly trained watcher of children)
& going to dinner with my husband
celebrating our ten year anniversary with my husband
just hanging out with
(you guessed it)
my husband

one day a week
for me
for me
to go to my weight watchers meeting
for me
for me
& then to a sale or two
for me
for me
(well usually it ends up being clothes for the kids
but the hunt?
that's all for me
for me!)
& then a little lunch with a book
for me
for me
& home just in time for naps
for me
for me
(i can't help it
the poetry
it just flows through me...)

so thanks, miss sun
for gracing us with your presence
& warming our hearts
& shoulders
& making it possible for me to dress without layers
but next time could you bring a side dish or salad?


whatcha looking forward to this summer?

isn't that picture funny?
looks like miss m is welcoming miss summer with open arms
she's nice that way
unlike her mother...



jmbmommy said...

parks, fruit, layer of sand (everywhere), berries, fruit, fresh veggies (can you tell I am hungry?), more i wonder posts, more time with your crew! Happy sunny day!

Liz said...

Enjoy it all! Good luck at the WW meeting! I use to be a meeting leader, but then I had children and something happened to all of my extra time...

Anna said...

how about just being outside without having to wear 2 sweaters, long pants, socks and shoes and a rain hat! Yay sun! i hope it's around as much as your husband this summer!
happy summer!

Left Coast Sister said...

Summer summer! Best time of the year!! Come our way if the sun takes a hiatus from your side of the globe!

Angie said...

please add to the list (just as a favor for me)...

spending time with your friends who are less busy during the summer because they have one less hat to juggle (that would be the homeschooling hat)...

Colleen said...

And the girl caught the bouquet?! Are you kidding me?! That's worse than the couple who came to our wedding who three times asked if they could bring their friends whom we don't know and three times were politely told "no" and yet came with their friends anyway, didn't bring a gift and were the first in line for the food and all the free stuff minus thank yous. Maybe they're related?

♡ that little Miss M. :)