10 December 2007

oh, art...

one thing i love is to look at art
i love to look
& study
& feel
& touch
(note: do not try this with the mona lisa
those alarms are very loud)
& just enjoy it
& yesterday i got to do that very thing
& who would i go do this with
but my artsy friend
& so we did...

it was an open house & studio sale
on 2nd & blair in eugene
perhaps not the place you want to hang out
at 1am on any day of the week
but on a sunday afternoon?
in addition to loving to look at art
& crafty things
i love to see pictures of people's studios
so the fact that this was in the studios of the actual artist?
heaven i tell you!

the place is a big huge old
with little studios tucked in here & there
& then there is a one side of the block
that is lined with big garage doors
each one is the street side wall for each studio
they each have their own regular door
but the big garage doors just make them all super cool
(one time i went to a tour of these
way back when aka pre-kids
during the summer
& everyone had their garage doors open
it was way cool)
& wouldn't a picture of these cool doors be just about right at this moment?
of course
but the two art lovers/bloggers who always use pictures
did not bring their cameras
one did but it had no memory card in it
& we will not point any fingers...
& we will now stop talking in third person...
jess & i saw some beautiful things
& some cool things
& some funny things
all great things

i picked up some business cards
& postcards of artists i liked
(& who had cards)
& also the print pictured above
an etching by michael dibitetto
(i couldn't find a picture of his stuff
or even of him anywhere to link to)
which i bought from him in the
smallest tiniest studio available i would imagine...
but it was all his
& that is marvelous!

so many cool things
& places to see
& i loved it!
& i was energized
& happy that i got to spend a day
with art
(& jessica:)

how do you like to spend your free time?


Left Coast Sister said...

I love the tampon purse, that is the greatest thing, esp the smiling tampon. I also love the hand thing, but I'd want to put my hand in it.
You too need a studio, because a lot of people would say, "Wow, that girl is amazing, she has so many beautiful/cool/funny things."

jmbmommy said...

This was a fun day...I think that I am going to start calling my craft room...my studio...It has a certain ring to it. The more I think about it the more I like that one stained glass place and the ceramics lady. What a good time.

John Holdway said...

Thanks for coming by and mentioning me in your blog. It was a really good sale this year. We had a lot of fun. Come visit another time.

Also there is a studio space available. It is a big space. Maybe good for a few people to share.