27 April 2007

dial uppers...give it a minute or 8...

so i guess this is just how it is...
no post for a week
& then two in one day
that's how i roll
or something like that...

it started out as an ordinary day
friday morning
play group
out to the henderson farm
i knew that we would be outside
but i didn't know
that i would get some of my favorite pictures...

you know how you take a picture sometimes
& you think
oh this is going to be great
you can just see it in your mind
& then you get it printed
& you are not happy
it looks nothing like what you saw...

these look just like what i saw
& i am a happy mama...

her hair was just glowing in the sun...

yep he's a boy
(our friend carson)

& he's got a brother
(Q's favorite boy-friend emmett)

& i could take pictures of this little cutie for days
mr. noah...

& my favorite series...
CAUTION: grandma, you will not like the 3rd picture...
you have been warned...
'hey that looks fun'

'maybe not so fun'

'this is so not fun'

'back to fun'

& she was relatively happy after that
didn't go near the puddles again
but was happy
going topless
on the farm...



Oh my gosh that is so fun! I think you need to frame those muddy pictures of her with the ones of you, mom and I in the mud in Cottage Grove. I think it is genetic!

jmbmommy said...

Cute, cute! Looks like you guys had MUCHO fun!!

grandmabetty said...

What a great time. A little mud never hurt anyone
as long as it wasn't coming from barn full of
Love that shiny hair.

Left Coast Sister said...

Your pictures are frame-able even if you don't know the kids! So cute!!

Angie said...

I love those pictures!!!
But even more I love that you just let her be and play and fall and experience (and that you took pictures while she did) instead of intervening or preventing or obstructing or discouraging.
Know what I mean?
Good job, Mom!

emmi said...

Makes me want a mud bath right now! Anyone else in?!

Em, your kids are cute and fun. I am glad Miss M likes the mud just as much as her mama.