15 September 2009

coburg: vintage fun with...friends

our 2nd annual come play: september vintage field trip to coburg
was just so fun...
the loads & loads & piles of amazing stuff was great, of course
but the big old group of girls were really the best part...
so let's start with them shall we?

we all started off from the same place at 6am
& then throughout the day
we would run into each other in this booth or that...
'what have you found?'
'have you seen any ______?'
'oh, you have to go check out that booth over there'

at 9am we met for 'show & tell (& eat)'
i love to see what everyone got...
that first picture isn't everyone
(of course, as always
i said
'let's get a picture' after about 6 people
had already gone back to the hunt
oh well....)

& here's michelle
who was our teacher on saturday
(more about that awesomeness later this week)

she scored this amazing ledger book
that had entries not only of
every single grocery the person had purchased throughout that year
but also all of the things you can do with potatoes
& the best colors for painting a landscape
it was quite entertaining...

& this is kelleigh
she was looking for locker baskets
& boy did she find them :)
& darling jill, who never ceases to amaze me
with her ability to find incredible stuff at awesome prices...
she's just the queen, i must say...
here's sarah & casey
these cuties made numerous trips back & forth
to their car with some really awesome stuff
(& had to make a trip to one of their houses
to drop off treasures
& then back to coburg to get another load...
i love that :)& this little umbrella looks super sweet doesn't it?
well, don't let it fool you!
it bit casey when she opened it for this picture...
but she toughed it out, found a band aid
& forgave the umbrella
so that's a happy ending...

these were the only pictures of actual people that i got
because hello, there were deals to be had
& vintage goodies to be seen...
more about all of that tomorrow...

thanks girlies...
i love this tradition!

kate & jessica!
next year!
put it on your calendars!
it's the sunday after labor day!
every year!
it was not the same without you two!
(the exclamation points agree with me!)

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